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This just…. delights me and warms my heart. I love when people photograph vinyl. And I don’t know just why.
This is what my happiness comes in.

The Pressing of the Vinyl….

Sheer pornography!
Deborah. <3
I love this so much.

Floating in a sea of vinyl.

I want to drown in it.
How spooky. When I was dusting I found a copy of the record Marc has in his hands, and scolded myself for not listening to ol’ Zimmy once in a while. Anyway, I’d love to pick through THAT collection. Glorious!
This is how my life is on a “perfect day”.
Looks like the perfect day to me!

That is so obviously going to be me when I’m older. One of my cats will take the photo.

Psh, this already IS me. xD
This is me.
In case it’s not glaringly obvious, I love vinyl, photography, music, photo manipulation, and T. Rex. Enjoy.
Another photo from the vault. Because we just need more Sparks around here, so.
Here’s me getting friendly with the Lighten Up Morrissey/Brenda’s Always in the Way single.

hthr y so hipsterr??

This is what happiness is made of. (Fuck, it would take me YEARS to photograph my collection.)
I want one of these.

1978 ROLLING STONES Some Girls (by Christian Montone)

Terrific sleeve.