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Help me understand something, here.

Why is it that men can undergo voluntary sterilization without first having to father at least two children, whereas women cannot be voluntarily sterilized (in my case, full-force - I’d like to get rid of my uterus) without having birthed at least one child? (Feel free to correct me if this is incorrect, but this is something pointed out to me by someone I deem as knowledgeable.)

Why does the government feel as if a man is “stable” enough to make such a decision, because he is not fickle-minded as they believe a woman to be? Why is it that a woman cannot decide for herself, what she wants to do within her reproductive life?

When will women be able to be taken seriously? I have firmly decided I don’t plan on having any children. My husband-to-be is already a father of a child whom is not mine (and will never be my responsibility, as the mother of this child is a wonderful mother herself, and will never have an excuse to pass the child, who also has a brother from another father, down to his father or myself) and has decided that he doesn’t want to have any more of his own either.

This isn’t something I just recently came up with. This isn’t just a one-off decision or a case of being “young and naive” or not knowing what I want to do with my life. This isn’t a case of a young woman who is incapable of making decisions of her own, and this isn’t a case in which the government should be able to have any say in what goes on with my body.

And yet I cannot have this operation to rid myself of the agony of a menstrual cycle and risk of unwanted children (before anyone gets up on their soapbox I’d also like to mention that I would never have unprotected sex, but sometimes accidents do happen) because I am a woman, and the government figures my opinion and my convictions do not hold as much weight as that of a man’s.

Will someone please explain this to me? Because I’m having a hell of a time trying to figure out why we’ve brought to light the way the government tries to regulate abortion (a woman’s right to choose) but the issue of voluntary hysterectomy/voluntary sterilization to any degree is rarely spoken of, when it comes to childless women who choose to remain childless. Why are we not pushing for equality in both departments?

Who will help us rise above this seemingly Catholic-bent morale that one must “be fruitful and multiply” to be a “normal”, functioning member of society and to be able to choose what’s right for OUR individual bodies? When will the government realize that their morals and their views on reproductive health are not a “one size fits all” blanket of ultimate truth and justice?

When will the government get the fuck out of my uterus?